Found objects with a story to tell.


The first thing I remember “making” was in the first grade. I still have it, it's a ceramic wind chime sort of thingy. Throughout my life I have been “making” things without really admitting to myself that they would, or could be considered art, the name art has always been to me a very powerful word. What I was doing wasn't art, and I wasn't an artist that created art. I was just making things, and these things that I was making were just something that felt right to do. Over the years I've become more confident, and more structured in my approach to my work, and I feel like I have the ability to say something with what I'm putting together. I feel like my pieces have a story to tell. That I have something to say.

"Stephen Ingraham's sculptures contain a monumental quiet, and a beautiful connection between the symbolic and the object."

  -SOHA Gallery